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THE GREAT AMERICAN MIGRATION OF 2020 - ESCAPING THE CALIFORNIA LOCKDOWN: I am starting to receive calls from Californians who are looking to escape the pandemic restrictions that may continue for months to come.  One caller feared being prohibited from working for the rest of the year based on declarations by California Gov. Gavin Newsom.  This trend is not limited to residents fleeing the Golden State. Here's a pull quote from a recent Washinton Post article: 

“The movement we’re seeing now is not just a reaction to one pandemic,” said Joel Kotkin, who studies how and why people move and wrote about the “Coming Age of Dispersion” at newgeography.com. “There will be a longer impact, an acceleration of the process that was already starting. The work-at-home trend was already building, the small towns were already becoming much more cosmopolitan, with more and better coffee places and restaurants, and the big cities were already becoming prohibitively expensive.” (full article).

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