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PREPARING TO SELL - THE 4 Ds: There are modest, inexpensive steps that you can take prior to putting your home on the market that will pay dividends. 


Preparing a home for sale is often an exercise in “undecorating”. There is a difference in how you live in a house, and how you set the stage to sell. Removing family photos, collections, and personal items will allow the buyer to better imagine living in the space.


You are going to be moving anyway. Now is time to start the process of donating, boxing, and storing. People will look in your drawers and cabinets. They will look under the sinks. Now is the time to clear off the counters, empty the shelves, and eliminate piles. If everything looks pristine, the buyer will conclude that you take care of the home.


Many homes would benefit by removing a third to half of household items. Having fewer items in the home will make it seem lager and will make it easier to prepare for showings.  If the closets are overly full, the buyer may think there is not enough closet space.  


Deep Clean
It is critical to remove odors and pet stains. A deep cleaning of a home is just as important as detailing a car before selling it. After decluttering, many homeowners hire professional cleaners. Carpet cleaning also helps. Pressure washing the driveway, walkway and patio areas will make them sparkle.

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