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HOME WARRANTY: A home warranty is like health insurance for a house. Warranties are annual service contracts that provide for the repair or replacement of covered systems such as: roof, A/C, plumbing, electrical, appliances, pool, etc. Warranties cover many, but not all, of a home’s systems that fail due to to normal wear and tear. If something breaks, a policy holder would contact the warranty company, pay a small the deductible, and a technician will fix the issue.


For home sellers, a warranty policy may reassure buyers about aging systems and help compete against new homes. For buyers, a warranty provides peace-of-mind and risk reduction.  Before a home enters the market, a warranty can defray the cost of pre-listing repairs. While a home is on the market, the policy can be a marketing and negotiation tool. After a buyer’s home inspection report, a warranty can reduce the impact of unexpected repairs. And after closing, the policy will benefit the home buyer for one year. Some of the companies we have used include:  

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