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THREE WEEKS IN: This has been an unprecedented few weeks. We are living through uncertain times - both personally and professionally. As our country strives to find balance between virus containment and economic hardship, a new reality seems to be unfolding by the day. Much of our world has come to a stand-still with nearly one-third of the US population under some kind of lockdown and the rest of the country has implemented social distancing. We are home, our kids are home. Yet, in the midst of this upheaval, the kindness, resilience, and faith of those around us has been amazing. I see so many people with unassailable core principles who operate from optimism, conviction, and hope in the face of uncertainty. Teachers, coaches, churches, and all kinds of organizations have stepped up their online game and found ways to impact lives without being there in person. Rest assured - we will get through this. And I would wager sooner rather than later.

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