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WHY USE A REALTOR FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION:  If you are thinking about a builder home - please call me before you visit the model center; and before you fill out an online form at the builder's website. Why? (#1) I can provide valuable services at no cost to you; and (#2) being involved on your buy allows me to offer a discounted listing commission when selling your current home. You will pay the same price with or without Realtor assistance. Builders have a separate advertising and marketing budget where they factor in Realtor participation. If I do not accompany you on the first visit, most builders will not allow me to be involved. I'd be happy to meet you at a model center absolutely anytime. I've helped over 250 buyers purchase new construction, so I understand what to do and what to avoid. A recent email from a client said "I don't mean to sound corny, but you're the only one we trust in this home-buying deal. We feel good about the builder and mortgage company, because you recommend them. Thank you for being on 'our side' and looking out for us."

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